Friday, September 6, 2013

About the Image

The wonderful image that adorns my blog is by the American illustrator/artist James Spanfeller.

I first encountered the image called "Psychedelic Bank Note" in black and white in Marc Shell's magnificent book 'Art and Money'. I eventually found a colour version of it online displayed in this tumblr. I downloaded the image I use from there. I cleaned-up the white space and removed the name.

The image was originally featured in the third edition of Avant Garde magazine in 1968 as part of a commission called 'Revaluation of the Dollar' involving nineteen artists. I managed to find the magazine and so purchased my own copy for about £20 plus shipping from the US. Here is the front cover.

And a couple of other images I liked.

Anyway, the James Spanfeller image really appealed to me. I like the way he blends the juxtaposition of the natural and the economic (as does Lionel Kalish in the image directly above). 

A search online revealed (what I hope) is Mr Spanfeller's address. So I've written him a note telling how much I like his image and that I've used it on my blog. I'll update you if I get a reply. 

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