Friday, September 27, 2013

Money Wisdom #207

"In 1920 Freud made the mistake of concluding that since time is not in the unconscious, it must be derived from the conscious system: 'Our abstract idea of time seems to be wholly derived from the method of working of the system Perception-Consciousness'; and he proposed to derive it from a certain rhythmic periodicity inherent in the operation of the perpetual system. And then Freud reached a dead end. But in the psychoanalytical map of man there are more domains than just the unconscious and the conscious. Time belongs to the ego indeed, but to the unconscious sector of the ego - that is to say, to those basic structures of reality distortion necessary to sustain and endure repression. What Kant took to be the necessary schemata of rationality are really the necessary schemata of repression."

Norman O Brown Life against Death - The Psychoanalytical Meaning of History (1959) p.275

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