Monday, September 23, 2013

A Review of Boggs - A Comedy of Values by Lawrence Weschler

Here is my review of the Boggs book by Lawrence Weschler. Do head on over to amazon and click the thumbs up if my review creates a fizzing sensation in the bit between your rectum and your genitals.

Well researched exposition on Money and Art wrapped up in a fascinating narrative about the adventures of JSG Boggs - 5 stars

"This is a short illustrated book that looks at the life and work of JSG Boggs and considers the questions that Bogg's art asks about money and value. The book builds around a narrative of Weschler's various meetings with Boggs over the years. This is interspersed with some brief but excellent expositions of a few well chosen theories on the nature of money, some fascinating insights into the history of Money in Art, and of course the back-story of Boggs himself. Much of the book, especially of the final third, is concerned with the various court cases brought against Boggs by the authorities.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. Weschler's academic abilities in dealing with the tricky subject of the nature of money are matched by his gift of story telling. It felt like I was reading a novel. My subject is Money rather than Art, so I found Weschler's brief history of Money in C20th Art a huge help in putting Bogg's work into context. I did come to the book already admiring Boggs, and I'm grateful to Weschler for helping me get to better acquainted with Boggs and his art. Its excellent. I recommend it."

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