Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Money Wisdom #424

"Our watchwords will be real freedom and post-pilgrimage.

Stuff the country, we want our souls back.

Together and separately, we’re going to make empathy great again. So great.

Let us explore this world made alien and conspiracy-theoretical, seek spaces where the gaps and voids and contradictions and cosmopolitan canopies afford a variegated individual an escape from malevolent gazes. Seek out these spaces and share their presence with other postpilgrims; try to expand those spaces where freedom is possible; where personal preference (harming no one) can be expressed without algorithmic exploitation, where spiritual identity (that is exclusive of no one else’s) can be explored without dogma, and where we are free of that fake ‘freedom’ (of the Brexit, miserablist, resentful kind) which ‘frees’ us from our responsibility for each other. Nothing new here, but instead of legislating this liberalism, we should inscribe localised sites with it.

In Sidmouth (of all places) there is a “Dissenters Wall” outside an old protestant chapel, where people are invited to sit and share dissident opinions. Let us propagate such spaces invisibly; share maps of the less explicit and more accidental ones. To begin, nothing need change in these spaces but your understanding of them. Take your friends to visit them. I am talking here about the construction of a secret architecture, a giant glassy structure without glass, a structure of many imaginary structures, to all appearances transparent and non-existent, immense and wholly subjective, multiple in its forms – beginning with the Chapel Perilous of Robert Anton Wilson, with the giant invisible forms that appear at the end of Jeff Nichols’s movie ‘Midnight Special’, with the different kinds of ‘chorastic’ spaces described by Julia Kristeva and Elizabeth Grosz, and so on. One thing that held back the situationists in their opposition to the Spectacle was their hatred of art and image. The invisible post-pilgrimage that I am proposing, with its raising of a shared invisible architecture, is both more and less iconoclastic; for it is uninhibited about drawing on any art source, while shunning mimesis and leaving no exploitable trace of its own.

This post-pilgrimage is not an attempt at a counter-culture, but an invisible anti-empire that sits to the side of, or folded within the organism of, a living world of things about which we renounce all ideas of ownership.

This is not the poisoned and infected ground imagined by the conspiracy theory ruling class as beneath its dome; this is the imaginary and real terrain of a heaven in Earth, where the only god is an un-god (which remains godlike, a nothing or darkness within us from which all creativity comes). This heaven in Earth, where the abiding myth is of individual self-respect and realisation, is characterised by a quest, with excitement and self-discovery and queer treasures, and an obligation to the stranger; its sub-plot is the underpinning meshwork of empathy and care for others, hence the importance of the apparently un-magical world of democratic politics and national health and care services. Yet, whatever success there is in such planning there will always be cracks in which to begin building the invisible.

This world is wholly different from the one you fear; it is wholly different from the dull and stodgy materials of conspiracy, repeating over and over; rather, it is the generous seat of your quest."

Mytho Dreaming Invisible Things - A New Politics of Hope for Difficult Times (2017) link  pdf

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