Friday, May 6, 2016

Money Wisdom #410

" If alchemy appears elusive. it is precisely because it cuts across categories ordinarily seen as mutually exclusive. For this reason, alchemy maybe better approached not so much as a fixed domain of activity, but as a nondual process. Indeed, its sphere of operation is better comprehended as existing between domains, or better yet, as the medium in which more 'fixed' domains proceed. Like the fusible nature of metals, this medium may be regarded as the 'substance' from which fixed forms 'solidify', and into which they 'dissolve'. As such, it is the conditio sine qua non for transmutation and dissolution, for converting one form into another, and for dissolving and abrogating the familiar boundaries or borders between apparently fixed states. "

Aaron Cheak Circumambulating The Alchemical Mysterium in Alchemical Traditions (2013) p.32

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