Sunday, November 29, 2015

Money Wisdom #385

JC We were going to do it [burn £1 million] live on TV live, but we wanted to make it as pure as possible, that's why we went to the island...
     Laughter and derision at the word 'pure'.
MBA Fucking bollocks.
BD OK, what's a purer way of burning a million quid? Come on... pure.
MBA Taking it to Buckingham Place and burning it...
BD No, that's based on bitterness and hatred, we're talking about purity.
MBA Who wants purity, man?
MBA Why are we here?
MBA But what inspired you?
BD I actually think that everyone in here knows why we burnt that million quid, and the reason why you're here is that you know you can't explain why. In the same way as we can't put into words why we did it, you actually know in yourselves why we did it - and you're hoping that we can put into words for you.
JC I'd go along with that.
BD And I'm afraid we haven't got those words.

Chris Brook K Foundation Burn a Million Quid (1997) p.130-2

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