Monday, February 23, 2015

Money Wisdom #339

" ...the initial function of art..... is the expression of subjectivity."


This point is essential: the sacred and the profane are defined by a formal discontinuity, by the sharpness of their contrast. But if we contrast sacred art with profane art, this discontinuity is absent."


In principle, eroticism is linked to the profane world in that it cannot be the object of general communication, which the expression of the sacred is in society. The communication of erotic subjectivity, even if it is literary, appeals confidentially to the one who receives it as a personal possibility, separate and apart from the multitude. It does not address itself to the admiration, to the respect of everyone, but to that secret contagion that never rises above others, that does not advertise itself, and calls only for silence."

Georges Bataille The Accursed Share Vol 3 Sovereignty (1988 [1967]) p.413-414

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