Thursday, November 13, 2014

Money is as Innocent as the Gun by Geoff Winde

This is so brilliant I just had to give it its own post.

It's a thirty minute talking head performance of a poem about money. Now. If you're anything like me, even with my obvious interest in money, you'll be thinking, yeah, but thirty minutes. Of poetry. I can manage Under Milk Wood, but I dunno. Thirty minutes is long.

But trust me. This is absolutely brilliant. All the themes and features of money I've been discussing on this blog these past few years are in there. Even the golden shower thing.

And everything about the performance resonates too. From the less-than-sartorial-elegance of Geoff's attire to the yellow/gold walls. It all works. If you're prepared to let it.

30 minutes.

I offer you a full money back guarantee should you not be entirely satisfied.


Money is as Innocent as the Gun from moneyisasinnocentasthegun on Vimeo.

Geoff's site is

Here's a few extracts

Have you ever heard, such a smoke screen of a word,
for something that’s just printed?
Well, if money is just printed, just a print!
Then deep down, deep down we’re all skint.
money is not worth the paper it’s printed on,
hold on, that’s a bit strong,
Money is worth more than the paper it’s printed on,
wait a minute that sounds like a con,
Money is worth more and less than the paper its printed on,
Hold on that’s a contradiction,
but, money is worth more and less than the papers it’s printed on …
How can what something is worth, be more and less than what it is?
Money is … more … or … less … money! more or less,
money is more or less money, more or less,
The more money there is, the less money is, the less the numbers are worth,
The less money there is, the more money is, the more the numbers are worth,
It realy does make you wonder whether money is of this earth
But don't read! Listen and watch.

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