Monday, June 2, 2014

Money Wisdom #276

"Freud's grandiose ambitions have been extensively listed and examined by his biographers, an suffice it to note a single famous anecdote:
'Freud clearly fancied himself an Oedipus, defeating the dark riddling voices of the subconscious. When on his fiftieth birthday (1906), a number of his intimates presented him with a medallion engraved with a portrait of himself on the obverse, and a replica of Oedipus answering the Spinx on the reverse, he turned pale. Next to the nude Oedipus the following words were inscribed (line 1525): "Who divined the famed riddle and was a man most mighty.' (Scully 1997, 230)
Ernest Jones explained the 'pale and agitated' reaction as due to Freud's belief that he had encountered
'a revenant, and so he had.... Freud disclosed that as a young student at the University of Vienna he used to stroll around the great arcaded court inspecting the busts of former famous professors of the institutions. He then had the phantasy, not merely of seeing his own bust there in the future, which would not have been anything remarkable in an ambitious student, but of it actually being inscribed with the identical words he now saw on the medallion.' (Jones 1953-57, 2:14)
Albert Tauber Freud - The Reluctant Philosopher (2010) p.13

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