Monday, March 10, 2014

Money Wisdom #259

"Frobenius relates a folkloristic story told with the directness of peasant thought. A penis and vagina once went together on a journey to buy salt. Each carried its portion. On the way back it began to rain. The vagina said to her comrade: "Our salt will get wet if we carry it on our heads. Let us put it in my opening; then it will keep dry." They did this, and there we have the reason why the penis ever seeks the vagina since it contains the daintiest delicacy (i.e., salt), while the vagina always wants salt (i.e., semen) from the penis."

Leo Frobenius Schwarze Seclen (1913) p.433 quoted in
Ernest Jones The Symbolic Significance of Salt in Folklore and Superstition from Essays in Applied Psychoanalysis (1923) 

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