Friday, November 29, 2013

Money Wisdom #222

Then, the next Monday [5th Jan 2004], he [Alan Moore] received a phone call from DC's Karen Berger;
She said, 'Yeah, we're going to be sending you a huge amount of money before the end of the year because they're making this film of your Constantine character with Keanu Reeves.' And I said, 'Right, OK. Well, take my name off of it and distribute my money amongst the other artists.' I thought, well that was difficult, but I did it and I feel pretty good about myself. Then I saw David Gibbons who I had done Watchmen with and he was saying, 'Oh Alan, guess what, they're making the Watchmen film.' And I said, with tears streaming down my face, 'Take my name off of it David. (sniffles). You have all the money.' Then I got a cheque for the V for vendetta film. It was just, this was within three days.'
Alan Moore quoted by Lance Parkin in Magic Words - The Extraordinary Life of Alan Moore (2013) p.316

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