Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rembrandt's Judas

This is Rembrandt's Judas, Repentant, Returning the Pieces of Silver which he painted in 1629. James Buchan discusses it in Frozen Desire (p. 46-48) amid an excellent discussion of the Betrayal and Money.

I just wanted to share here what Buchan (a fan of the painting) says about it;

" this flash of recognition... [Rembrandt] ...saw into the marrow of history; that the divine in man is dead beyond all resurrection; that there is nothing left to us but a few coins on a dusty floor and our bestial natures, and that in every monetary transaction, wholesale and retail, Christ is re-crucified."

For Buchan, this painting, more than any other is prescient of the coming of modernity.

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