Thursday, August 29, 2013

Money Wisdom #163

"  '...anybody who buys art not as an investment or to impress their friends or cheer the place up a bit is buying porn.'

'Porn. I'm not getting a hard on, are you?'

'You know what I mean. You are buying into something because you can't do it yourself. You wouldn't buy porn if you could get all the perverted sexual kicks you desired for free with willing collaborators. There'd be no need. By buying this art [Smell of Sulphur in the Wind  by Richard Long] you are buying into an experience at one remove. You are paying Richard Long to do it for you while you toss yourself off at his conceptual flight of fancy. Anthony d'Offay [an art dealer], the pimp, Richard Long, the whore, and you're the John. The trouble is you've sussed it and this Smell of Sulphur in the Wind is just a smutty magazine with the pages stuck together and now you want shot of it.'   "

This is the picture mentioned;

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