Monday, July 8, 2013

Money Wisdom #146

".... the various Druids were ranged about in a circle, sitting on the floor.

The question of subscriptions came up. And Arthur passed round a prepared statement, which he read out.

'The Golden Rule': he who has the most Gold rules. Or perhaps more accurately, and with the help of a little Alchemy, it should read: 'The Silver Rule'.
Money and legal tender, which, after all, is what the 'Golden Rule' is all about (here in the Isle of the Mighty) is in fact Silver rather than Gold. Pound sterling. Sterling silver perhaps?
But, more accurately, pound coins made from a percentage of Nickel Silver.
15 such pounds sterling are required for the 'fee' of the Loyal Arthurian Warband for 1993, and presumably 15 more for '94.
Thus the Golden Rule.
It is not without irony that the Council of British Druid Orders, publishers of The Druid's Voice.... should put a price on such a voice.
 5 pieces of silver, 'for a say, or 15 for a voice or vote.
All that remains for a fait accompli is for the Council to accept the proverbial 30 Pieces of Silver, and I feel sure the irony of that will not be lost on those present either.
....And having ended his statement... ...He threw a felt bag containing his '30 Pieces of Silver - 30 pounds in one pound coins - into the air, so that it landed with a satisfying jangling clunk on the floor between them, making them all jump back.

Arthur Pendragon & CJ Stone The Trials of Arthur: Revised Edition (2012) Loc.3561  Kindle Ed

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