Saturday, May 25, 2013

Money Wisdom #128

"As Russell Jacoby put it in The Repression of Psychoanalysis (1983): 'IN the course of its decades in America, psychoanalysis became in myth, and almost in fact, little more than an affluent medical specialty with an affluent clientele. By the 1950s, few remembered how many of the early analysts were rebels or radicals...' Jacoby concludes that, 'as a lively in intellectual discourse, psychoanalysis flourishes the more distant it is from practicising analysts' ; and 'as the doctors drummed out of their trade a cultural and political psychoanalysis, it took refuge in university divisions of literature and history' (where, it must added, its discourse became increasingly academicised and arcane in its intercourse with poststructuralism, when its political utility wasn't being illustrated by Marxist and feminist cultural critics).

David Bennet Homo Oeconomicus Vs Homo Psychologicus (p21) in Loaded Subjects - Psychoanalysis, Money and the global financial crisis [ed. David Bennet] (2012)

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