Monday, February 11, 2013

Money Wisdom #82

" Years after the K Foundation had ended, Drummond had a flash of insight. "Most of the people who wrote about what we did, and the TV programme that was made about it, made a mistake," he said. "I was only able to articulate it to myself afterwards with hindsight. They thought we were using our money to make a statement about art, and really what we were doing was using our art to make a statement about money."

This tallies with comments made by Cauty at the time. "We nail [the money] to a bit of wood so that it can't function as it wants to. It's to do with controlling the money. Money tends to control you if you've got it, it dictates what you have to do with it, you either spend it, give it away, or invest it. We just wanted to be in control of it."

JMR Higgs KLF: Chaos Magic Music Money [Kindle Edition](2012) 2636/3140

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