Friday, September 28, 2012

Money wisdom #51

"No one has ever seen a thought or image inside someone else's brain, or inside his or her own. When we look around us, the images of the things we see are outside us, not in our heads. Our experiences of our bodies are in our bodies. The feelings in my fingers are in my fingers, not in my head. Direct experience offers no support for the extraordinary claim that experiences are inside brains. Direct experience is not irrelevant to the nature of conciousness: it is conciousness."

Rupert Sheldrake The Science Delusion (2012) p.214

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Money Wisdom #50

"The poet Wolfgang von Goethe... envisaged two great driving forces in nature: polarity and intensification. Polarity was associated with the material dimension, as 'a state of constant attraction and repulsion', and intensification gave a spiritual dimension, which was one of 'a state of ever-striving ascent', a kind of evolutionary imperative. On the principle that there could be no matter without mind and no mind without matter, 'matter is also capable of undergoing intensification, and spirit cannot be denied its attraction and repulsion."

Rupert Sheldrake The Science Delusion (2012) p.118