Monday, January 10, 2011

miscellaneous too

My blogging efforts were somewhat lacking in 2010. I'm perhaps understating that. Anyway, at the very least to remove a post which mentions 'summer' in the title, I'm typing away again.

So, what news? Well, I'm really up for a change of job. I think earning a wage by hanging around with musicians around has run its course for me. The music industry is very backward as regards the internet, and my blog has a tiny audience, so I feel pretty secure that my retirement will go unnoticed; thereby, giving me the chance to accept a job with a smile should one come along. But I'm not going looking. The last 8 years or so has been spent with some wonderful people for whom I'd willingly chop off small appendages. However, I've also spent time with some less-than-wonderful people for whom I would be disinclined to offer a micturational solution in the event of them suffering an immolation situation. Less said the better.

So that leaves poker and money.

My fascination with poker has not been welcomed by all who know me. I understand from other players that this is not uncommon. Nevertheless, my journey into poker continues. I've recently discovered some great blogs about poker. Its reassuring that others see the same potential I do - not only in playing the game - but in the game as a proxy for economic relationships. Sorry to tease - and I don't want to overplay my hand (as poker players say) - but maybe, if I can tear myself away from the tables this year, I might explore some of my thoughts on this and let you know what others are saying. Here's a prediction you can judge me on - the number of academic papers written on poker (particularly online poker) will rise dramatically in the next 5 years.

Now, lest ye forget, for me, poker is a subset of money. I did my burning this year on the 23rd October. But I had to burn a promise, rather than notes (£100) - not that there's too much difference technically. I wrote the following on a piece of paper and burnt it at 23:23 on 23/10/10:

I, JONATHAN HARRIS, do solemnly declare that I will destroy the state's claim to £100 (English Pounds Sterling) by burning two £50 notes. If I die before I do so, I ask that my surviving family carry out my wishes on my behalf '

There's a lot waiting on my elusive big poker win.

What I'd love to do in 2011 is write a few more short - easy to read - pieces on the nature of money. I've become less concerned with justifying what I say about money. I enjoy writing the more academic pieces and they do force me (to try) to make a coherent argument, but for the reader the shorter pieces are so much better. And for me they are the most satisfying thing to create. Its just they tend to come along at with their own timing. 'Price is to Money, as Weight is to Gravity' had been swimming around my head as an idea for years before I managed form it into a phrase.

Anyway, so that's what I'm about for now. I should imagine the difficulties Life throws up, which include the not inconsiderable problem of earning a living, may hinder my ambitions. But I shall try none the less. That big poker win would really help. Positive vibes if you please.

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