Monday, June 24, 2013

Money Wisdom #143

"It is nevertheless astonishing that his [Freud's] conception, which comes from pleasure and pain as the two sovereign masters of human activities, concludes by granting sexuality a predominant place. If pleasure is the ultimate finality of human action and if, as Freud maintains, 'the accomplishment of the sexual act brings the most intense pleasure which is accessible to human beings', the result is that the quest for sexual pleasure will be the strongest tendency of mental life, the most insistent, known or unknown, recognised or ignored, disguised or evident, conscious or unconscious. The place that Freud grants to sexuality would thus be one of the direct consequences of the initial postulate that he shares with the utilitarian current."

Jean-Joseph Goux Pleasure and Pain: At the crossroads of Psychoanalysis and the Political Economy
in  Loaded Subjects  [ed David Bennett] (2012) p. 187

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