Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Personal Note

I have some personal news that I need to share.

My wife, Sally and I have separated. She moved out at the beginning of May. During the past month or two we've been through the difficult and painful process of telling our (grown-up) children and our families.

She got the dog, I got the cat. So in that small sense at least, I win. Otherwise, it just feels like a massive loss at the moment.

It's a bit odd writing a post like this, about something so intensely personal on a blog that is mostly devoted to esoteric musings on Money. But as well as being something 'out there', Money is also something 'in here', making us who we are. Who I am has just changed.

I try to be honest and true in my writing about Money. I've said before that I think our personal experience of Money is important to our understanding of it and vice versa. For me now, it's no longer our money it's just my money.

And so, I needed to write this post.

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